The So-Cal Rodeo Series is hereby established to increase participation by rough stock contestants in participating rodeos and to compensate said participants for their participation.

Each “participating” rodeo committee agrees to contribute the sum of $3,000 to be distributed as “bonus” winnings to the top three aggregate point winners in each of the three rough stock events (Bareback, Saddle Bronc, Bull Riding, and Steer Wrestling) at the conclusion of the regular PRCA rodeo season.

Winnings will be distributed in each of the above stated events as follows:

First Place = $3,000

Second Place = $1000

Third Place = $500

In the event of a tie, participants will split the winnings available for the combined places.

Points will be awarded to Qualifying participants at each of the participating rodeos in the following manner.

1st Place = 12 Points                      7th Place = 5 Points

2nd Place = 10 Points                     8th Place = 4 Points

3rd place = 9 Points                        9th Place = 3 points

4th Place = 8 Points                       10th Place = 2 Points

5th Place = 7 Points                       11th place = 1 point

6th place = 6 points

In the event of a tie, participants will split the points available for the combined places.

Any and All PRCA Card or Permit holders are eligible to participate.

Participation in at least six of the seven participating rodeos is mandatory to be eligible for Prize Money